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Abdulrahman AlMajed

Founder - President

Almajed is an aviation engineer by profession and a highly respected and distinguished entrepreneur both in Kuwait and Qatar. He has been with Kuwait Airways for many years as an aviation engineer and as a quality control superintendent engineer. His field of interest in aviation in ensuring the safety of aircraft and their passengers led him to establish the first home care company in the State of Qatar that focused on healthcare safety delivery as well. As a President, he focused on technological innovation, strategic management, business sustainability, and expansion. He does consultancy in the field of safety and operations management where he deals with various government and private sectors that sought the services of his founded company for more than two decades of successful operation.

Almajed's leadership has greatly influenced companies and individuals that have made a remarkable impact on the community both in Kuwait and Qatar. His keen technical and proven expertise in the field of safety has brought Qatar Care to a different level of quality service delivery.


Saleh Aleida

Co-Founder / CEO

Al-Eida is a distinguished entrepreneur and highly experienced professional both in a public and private service leadership capacity. He has earned degrees and certificates In the field of business management strategies, strategic management, and organizational change. He has been involved in various governmental and private sector roles for many years engaged in decision-making, high-impact leadership management, business sustainability, and innovation.

Al-Eida has served the State of Qatar in various special advisory capacities in public administration and audit which earned him the trust and confidence of the state to meet its vision through his involvement. His involvement is not limited to management but also in terms of sports (Qatar Olympic Committee), human resources management but also in information technology and marketing. He is currently the CEO of Qatar Care, the first home care company in the State of Qatar.