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Jun 27, 2019

12th Year of Dedicated Service

Qatar Care Celebrates its 12th Year of Dedicated Service
Attended by various stakeholders, Qatar Care celebrated its 12th Anniversary held last 25th of June 2019 at Westin Hotel and SPA, Doha. The event was attended by guests and both current and long-time clients who have been availing its services over the last 12 years.
The event was graced by the owners, Mr. Saleh Al-Eida, Executive Director and Mr. Abdulrahman Almajed, CEO and Managing Director, together with the distinguished guests.
A testimonial speech was also delivered by Ms. Hessa Yusef Al Ali, the Director of Training and Educational Development Center. Ms. Hessa extended her congratulations to Qatar Care for providing quality homecare service to her mother for more than 7 years. She was also honored for her devoted trust and confidence to the company in availing the services for many years.  

One of the highlights of the event was the keynote addresses delivered by two of the eminent guests which were highly acknowledged by the Qatar Care family in affirming its highly significant role in the community along with healthcare. Warmest appreciation was given to keynote speakers: Ms. Nadya Al Anzi, EDON – Hamad Private Nursing and Home Healthcare Services and Dr. Maha Ahmad Othman, Project Manager of Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement – Hamad.
The celebration did not only revisit its humble beginnings but also honored its clients who journeyed with the company since its founding year. They were given a plaque of appreciation as a way of extending gratitude for their patronage to Qatar Care.  
Another highlight of the event was the unveiling of the Qatar Care Milestone Wall which reflected and immortalized the journey of Qatar Care from 2007. It exhibited the growth and development of the company in the last 12 years in continuously providing dedicated service to the community.  This proceeded with the ceremonial cutting of the cake by the owners to mark its 12th-anniversary celebration.

Other stakeholders coming from diverse sectors also participated during the event. Guests from the Philippine Embassy through the Cultural Attaché, Ms. Jill Del Rosario Gardose, and POLO – OWWA Labor Attaché, Hon. David Des Dicang also attended the said event. An inspirational talk was shared by the Labor Attaché in reaffirming its support to healthcare sectors in Doha.
Hamad Private Nursing Services representatives were also present during the event as it is one of Qatar Care’s community partners in Doha.

Likewise, the event was concluded with the presentation of its Strategic Direction 2019-2020 which presented what is in the pipeline that Qatar Care hopes to achieve in the next 3 years of its operation. Specifically: a) Strengthening the specialized services provided by its partner company which is PRIME CARE, b)  Activation of PRAXIS, the company’s manpower agency partner that source out health personnel needed by the clients to meet deployment targets and expectations, c) Creation of the Payment Solution Online termed as HESAB, a new innovative product created to compliment Qatar Care payment facility beneficial to both the clients and the company, d) Conduct intensive and extensive training for staff and nurses on different areas of nursing services, e) Intensive collaborative efforts with Universities and other institution to further strengthen the community engagement and research aspect of Qatar Care, and lastly, g) Establish a review centre that would provide advanced technological and scientific training to employees, medical staff and other stakeholders.
The Education and Training Department of the company also shared its educational thrusts in harnessing its employees and staff to meet the stakeholder’s expectations. The Department is a Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners-Accreditation Department eligible Continuous Professional Development Provider in Doha.
Qatar Care is the first homecare service provider in the State of Qatar that has acquired Diamond Level accreditation from Accreditation Canada International for 7 years. Also, part of its development, it has established Prime Care, it's sister company that provides caregiving services to private sectors in the country.