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Dec 31, 2019

The year that was and will forever be treasured…

2019 was truly an awesome year to revisit. A year that was full of challenges and significant growth and development. Many had taken wider steps to improve, expand, and augment themselves both in life and at work. Heartbreaks and soul-quenching trials shaped many, testing every inch of one's own self to become much better than what one has fully had become amidst the short-term joy encountered along each road taken and every battle won.









Qatar Care had successfully completed another year of bittersweet memory lane and that both the management and staff including clients are supremely happy and delighted for its unbreakable spirit to do more for the community. Qatar Care humbly thanks its staff – the old, new and those who have left already for their unquestionable desire to contribute what needs to be done to achieve its mission to the Qatari community and beyond.  With that, the management looks forward to a much brighter tomorrow and for more successes to come as the company has left an open space to be filled again with newer memories to cherries and learn from. Qatar Care will continue to augment its staff to win more battles and conquer more hearts as they step into a new beginning.

It would continue to flourish, improve and wave its flag to welcome whatever is in store for Qatar Care in 2020!

The best is yet to come because we always save the best for last.

Thank you, everyone!!!