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May 4, 2020

When Qatar Care Moves: The First ever accredited webinar amongst home care

Qatar Care’s Webinar Tech Education Solution

Qatar Care has indeed furthered another innovation.  In the twenty-sixth of April this year marks another kind of journey towards the continuation of a professional development system despite the COVID-19 crisis. In collaboration with its parallel institution, Prime Care -  one of its sister companies, Qatar Care conducted its first-ever webinar among home care facilities in the State of Qatar titled, Microbe Warriors: An Online Synchronous Learning on Infection Prevention and Control Practices.

The webinar was initiated by its CPD Chair, Ms. Normarie Lego, RGN with the guidance of Qatar Care Scientific Planning Committee (SPC) Chairman and Education and Training Director, the first Resource Speaker himself, Mr. Peach Dale Esloyo, MAN and the highly esteemed Senior Communications Director, SPC and Research Adviser, Dr. Alvin Abainza. The CPD activity was accredited by Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) for a maximum of 4.50 CPD hours.

With the all-out support of the General Manager, Ms. Mary Rose Uy, RGN; Deputy Manager, Ms. Rowena Dimpaso, RGN; and Operations Manager Ms. Michelle Lagahid, RGN coupled with the amount of work of the prolific SPC members, Ms. Zoraida Zaide (Seminar Director); Ms. Ariane Terado (Technical Director); and Ms. Faith Galindo (Creative Director), the webinar had been successfully piloted. 


The webinar aims to make sure that both the internal staff of Qatar Care and Prime Care will be able to have continuous professional development even during this time of trial due to COVID-19 Pandemic.  For as much as the risk of spreading infections in the workplace is ever-present, providing, and refreshing knowledge on Infection Prevention and Control is of great help for the frontliners. 


In this regard, the SPC is now planning to facilitate more webinars in the future that will cater both internal and external participants to broaden their networks and to reach out to more people, thereby imparting knowledge and skills amidst the contemporary realm the world is in. 


Qatar Care and Prime Care promise to strive in expanding the value of education and improving the process of how they deliver outcomes fully dedicated to the welfare of the healthcare professionals and to the Qatar society they are serving.

Qatar Care is a two-time Diamond Awardee by Accreditation Canada Internal and an ISO 9001:2015 certified.