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Jun 28, 2021

When you “ThinkTalk”

An Oratorical Competition hosted by Qatar Care and PrimeCare. 

Qatar Care and Prime Care announced the winners of their first-ever oratorical contest-themed, “ThinkTalk: The Search for Best Orator 2021.” ThinkTalk was under the direction of Vesa Lara Malaine Raga, with Peach Dale Esloyo and Normarie Lego, as Creative and Technical Directors, respectively. This event was graced by international and local judges: Alfie Silva and Paquito I got from the Philippines, Agatha Cuevo-Fule from the United Kingdom, and Beberlyn Asperilla from Qatar. Ms. Mary Rose Uy, Qatar Care’s General Manager, and Prime Care’s Corporate Manager was the Chief Judge.

The purpose of the innovative activity was for the staff to acquire a different level of confidence, demonstrate their abilities, and obtain public speaking experience. In a three to five-minute segment, the orators competed in a “virtual war” of the orators on health-related issues.

On June 7, 2021, the Magic 7 semi-finalists were announced in random order as follows: Ma. Charisse Dela Peña, Jordan Jade Estebe, Jay Bernadette Atienza, Rikha Patrice Emata , Rachel Baltazar , Mildred Luna and Nore Ann Amarante. Three participants were chosen from the seven contenders and competed under the theme "Life in the New Normal." Rikha Patrice Emata, Nore Ann Amarante, and Mildred Luna are their names. On June 17, 2021, the semi-finals and finals were held.

Following the competition and the verdict of the respected judges, Rikha Patrice Emata of Qatar Care was declared as the Grand Winner, followed by Nore Ann Amarante of Prime Care in second place, and Mildred Luna of Qatar Care in third place.

Apart from these, other awards were given to Mildred Luna as the Social Media Favorite and the Outstanding Head and Coach is Joanne Liao.

Emata, the grand winner quoted, “Major life changes can be challenging but the best way to approach life is to be a bamboo stalk-supple that bends at the wind, taking on the storm but never resisting.” Indeed, a powerful message to ponder from a frontline amidst the health crisis.

The title “ThinkTalk” is a staff suggested title coming from the creative mind of one of the members of the Education Focus Group, Ms. Bernadelli Dayrit, RGN.

The Education and Training Department will continue to fulfill its commitment to excellence by creating such activities.

Let us soar together this 2021.