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Mar 12, 2022

A Shift on Didactics: Updates on Pediatric Competency

  1. A Shift on Didactics: Updates on Pediatric Competency
  2. Abdulkarim Agga MAN


Have you ever noticed how much fashion trends have changed in images from five or 10 years ago? Diverse fashion trends from prior decades have been observed and frequently resurrected. Designer changes in fashion percolate down to the general public from runway styles. Education trends too evolve at a rapid pace, much like fashion trends. Occasionally, old ideas resurface in popularity. Fashion trends are influenced by runway designers, whereas educational trends are influenced by discovery research and regulation. As people gain a better understanding of how learning occurs and what can be done to best support endeavors, further education helps the science of teaching to improve.
It is critical to stay current with educational trends since they dictate what is now considered to be the greatest technique for staff nurses to improve their healthcare service. However, just as some fashion trends can be a ludicrous transitory obsession, some educational trends can be obsolete quickly as well. It is critical for educators to keep up to date on research trends, but they must determine which educational trend would best suit their audience and its strategic partners.
Last March 10, 2022, Qatar Care educators, Peach Dale Esloyo, MAN & Abdulkarim Agga attended an educational session organized by Hamad Medical Corporation- Private Nursing Services, entitled: Updates on Pediatric Competency. This was hailed in 1 of the PNS outsourcing agencies' Education Office. The speakers namely, Ms. Myra Balzer Aler MAN and Ms. Leila Santander, tackled recent updates on Pediatric care, how to comprehensively assessed Pediatric clients, concepts of safe medication administration, and as well how to integrate PCC- care wishes with the clients.
Also, the objective of the convergence among different outsourcing agencies was to continuously improve the educators’ teaching modalities, on how to effectively mentor neophyte nurses in handling Pediatric clients safely. More so, it also served as an avenue to raise concerns on Pediatric competency assessment, and how to raise the bar to maintain the quality of auditing staff nurses in client service areas.
In this light, the educational activity will provide an opportunity for us educators to become acquainted with the newest educational trend as this will serve as empirical data to continuously improve teaching both content and strategies. This is also an ideal time to incorporate worldwide best practices in healthcare delivery in a broader context that is relevant to the Qatari community that Qatar Care serves. The company's dedication and commitment to providing high-quality medical and nursing home care will be strengthened as a result of a shift in didactics in Pediatric Competency.  
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