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Jun 28, 2022

HAMAD-PNS, Outsourcing Agencies Conduct Awareness on Heart Diseases

  1. HAMAD-PNS, Outsourcing Agencies Conduct Awareness on Heart Diseases
  2. By Peach Dale D Esloyo, RN, MAN


LUSAIL CITY- The two-day activity tackling the three (3) heart diseases.  Specifically, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Failure and Brugada Syndrome that were discussed live via Zoom and face-to-face hybrid activity in the 12th floor Manarat Building, Lusail City, Qatar on 26-27 June 2022.


The main objectives of this activity titled, Heart Diseases: Let’s Defeat, Keep a Healthy Heartbeat were to explain the significance of cardiovascular diseases and enumerate the nursing interventions and management for patients with such conditions. This activity was participated in by Hamad Private Nursing Services (PNS) Educators Marwa Moghazi and Jessica Waghmare, Qatar Care, and the other 10 outsourcing agencies representatives and members under Hamad PNS.

The event started at nine in the morning and finished at noon and was repeated the next day. The activity also featured videos created by several outsourcing agencies that were linked to the theme. Nearly 100 nurses and educators from the aforementioned organizations attended the whole hybrid activity. The event's speaker was Kristina Flores, a staff nurse from Hamad Heart Hospital. She stressed that regardless of age, one must be wary of his/ her lifestyle and should not take for granted the “silent pandemic” that has been lurking in the international arena for ages.

This activity was based on the needs assessment that Hamad PNS and the outsourcing agencies conducted before. Each outsourcing agency was given a topic and was tasked to come up with creative solutions to fill in the gaps that were found.

In the queue for the coming months are activities on cerebrovascular accidents, cerebral palsy, common medical equipment used in homecare, and mental health topics. 

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