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Jul 25, 2022

Let’s Talk: Reorienting Nurses to Consciousness and Orientation

  1. Let’s Talk: Reorienting Nurses to Consciousness and Orientation
  2. Peach Dale D. Esloyo, MAN


West Bay, Doha - On June 21, 2022, from 9 am to 11 am, West Bay Hamad Private Nursing Services (PNS) and its 11 outsourcing companies met at Al Asmakh Tower in West Bay to conduct a talk show webinar activity called Let's Talk: Probing on the Concepts on the Level of Consciousness and Orientation. The purpose of the activity was to bridge the knowledge gap on the degree of awareness and orientation of the nurses employed by the outsourcing companies on handling private nursing services clients. 

As noted by Hamad PNS Educators Jessica Waghmare, MSC, and Marwa Moghazi, RGN, the nurses were quite doubtful and perplexed by the terms -- consciousness and orientation, and occasionally they even mixed the two. The speakers, including Peach Dale Esloyo, Qatar Care’s Education and Training Department directors, discussed the abovementioned topics.  Additionally, a real-time demonstration among the nurses improved the activity's personalization and interest. “The terminology may have occasionally confounded nurses, but with the right education and training, nurses will be able to distinguish between clients who are awake but oriented and awake but obtunded. To be competent, they must learn the basics,” says Esloyo.

The activity was graced by more than 170 nurses via zoom.

The committee will relentlessly work to improve the quality of life of the clients and the competence of their nurses in fostering the nurses' confidence and compassion in the delivery of care.