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Sep 13, 2022

All About Kidneys: Care for Adult Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

All About Kidneys: Care for Adult Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
Abdulkarim O. Agga, MAN
“Reality speaking, there is no true comfort in patients with CKD. It is only with ACCEPTANCE that they can truly continue and have a quality of life.” -Joezerk Jhon Biel.
On August 27, 2022, Qatar Care sponsored another MOPH-DHP accredited webinar titled, “All About Kidneys: Care for Adult Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease." This was an accredited group learning activity (Category 1) approved by the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Health Care Professionals- Accreditation section with a total of 6.25 hours. 
This educational activity aimed to increase participants' knowledge of pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical manifestations, medical management, prevention, and nursing strategies at home for the disease. Additionally, it is also a part of the institution's social responsibility as a medical and nursing company to encourage a healthy lifestyle to prevent CKD. The virtual colloquium was attended by 120 allied health professionals from various institutions. 
The activity was graced by four highly qualified speakers who are experts in their own fields, namely;  
     1. Abubakar Baddiri, MD, FPCP, DPSN - A medical internist and adult nephrology consultant in a Tertiary-ISO Accredited Hospital in the Philippines. 
     2. Ryan Arcueno - A senior professional educator at Portsmouth Hospital University; National Health Services in the UK specializing in CKD education. 
     3. Joezerk Jhon P. Biel, RN MAN CNN - A certified nephrology nurse and currently the head nurse of a dialysis unit in a Tertiary-ISO Accredited Hospital in the Philippines and;
     4. Leandra S. Valenzuela, RN EMT-B, MSN - A Head Nurse of Prime Care Nursing with diverse experience in Geriatric Care.
They presented and discussed a variety of CKD concepts, such as its overall description, its various modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors, how the general public can prevent it, potential clinical manifestations, various diagnostic techniques, management, and what best nursing care intervention would be best to improve a patient’s quality of life. The entire focus of the educational activity was on prevention and ways to slow the progression of the medical condition.
As a leader in the creation of unique learning methodologies, Qatar Care has used a number of cutting-edge techniques to use its pre and post-test to gauge the knowledge and skills of the participants. The participants were impressively interested and fiercely competitive during the event. 
The webinar was moderated by the Head of the Documentation of the SPC Committee, a nurse supervisor - Zorayda Zaide, RGN. Together with the entire SPC team headed by its Chairman, Abdulkarim O. Agga, MAN, and SPC Counsel, Peach Dale Esloyo, MAN, Qatar Care is way ahead in its vision of providing educational programs to its strategic partners. The webinar was indeed a success as well, with the support of Qatar Care’s CEO & Managing Director, Abdulrahman Almajed; Executive Director, Saleh Salem Al Eida; General Manager, Mary Rose Uy, RGN; and Assistant General Manager, Rowena Dimpaso, RGN.
As a result of the company's ongoing efforts to realize its vision, its passion and commitment to offering high-quality medical and nursing home care shall be sustainably strengthened through similar activities. 
Paz de Dios y Amor na todo. 
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