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Oct 27, 2022

Qatar Care Hosted ThinkTalk 2022: Bringing Diversity Together

Qatar Care Hosted ThinkTalk 2022: Bringing Diversity Together
Dr. Veronica Cristina Brillantes-Macaraeg


Qatar Care’s mental health advocacy program, “Thinktalk 2022: Bringing Diversity Together” lifted off through Qatar Care-ways on 27 October 2022 at The Steigenberger Hotel in Doha. It was a well-attended event by the members of the host, Qatar Care with Hamad Private Nursing Services together with the 10 Nursing outsourcing agencies. Welcome remarks and inspirational talk were delivered by the Assistant GM of Qatar Care, Rowena Dimpaso, and, the gracious presence of Mary Rose Uy, GM of Qatar Care, and Hussain Abdullah Al Majed the guest client who also graced the occasion.
The participants were treated with a complete enactment of a seeming true in-flight experience, headed by the pilot in command with the flight attendants crew, an aircraft marshall, an in-flight entertainment of Filipino – Indian – Arabic dance choreography, and, on-board announcements including a seatbelt sign on-off. The “layover” was the luncheon buffet served at the Mezzanine, for which impressive international cuisine was showcased.

The flight plan was categorized into 3 parts: The Doc V Show, featuring Dr. Veronica Brillantes-Macaraeg as the host of the show, with the guest speaker Dr. Alvin Abainza, the Senior Marketing and Communications Director; Extempore (Extemporaneous speaking); and, the Battle for the Win, a spoof from the famous Family Feud show.
In the Doc V show, Dr. Abainza presented his insights on mental health through the lens of a sociological perspective. It was a very engaging and interactive segment with the participation of 5 members of the panel of reactors from the different outsourcing agencies and the audience. The sharing of various insights made Doc V show more inspirational and healing. The “staged prank” made by the organizer created “tension” among the audience which was used as a real-time experience that certain events can be triggered at any given time. Dr. Abainza stressed that the mind has no element of time. He further emphasized that regardless of age and time, simple events can trigger an old traumatic experience. Thus, healing can only happen when an individual is ready to deal with the trauma that caused mental health issues. Various findings of studies on the sociological perspective of mental health were also presented in order to increase awareness among the audience.

The Extempore, hosted by Jade Kilantang, a physiotherapist of Qatar Care, was held which consisted of a written composition with preliminary online judging and on-site oral presentation. The chief judge of the oral segment was Nadya Al Rauili, Executive Director of Nursing of the Hamad-PNS, together with Dr. Abainza and Philippine-based guest judge, Mr. Sonny Alcantara, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and, marketing and industry expert, who joined virtually. The participants were judged according to the overall themes: Molding Initiative and Nurturing Developments (MIND) and Towards Sustainable Mental Health and Well-being in the Home Care settings. It was eagerly participated by a representative from each of the 11 outsourcing agencies who were highly diverse in terms of nationality and topics presented. The winners were: Sumayya Hussein Mohamed Naji (Winner), James Bill Garbanzos (Next-in-Line, second place), and Jessica Waghmare (Avenger, third place).

The Battle for the Win, hosted by nurse supervisor, Mr. Jonathan Medalla, was actively participated by 3 representatives from each group in 3 rounds. The mental health questions and answers consisted of anecdotal “top survey answers”. Hamad-PNS was the grand champion, and second place, the Quality Home Medical Care (QHMC).

The Executive Director of Nursing, Nadya Al Rauili gave a rousing synthesis, citing the importance of identifying and acknowledging diverse mental health issues and her commitment to increasing continued awareness of Mental Health Advocacy and congratulated the Qatar Care SPC Team for hosting the event through an imaginary in-flight experience via “Qatar Care Ways”. Bea Lamanero, the Operations Manager of Qatar Care, closed the event by appreciating the Education and Training Department of Qatar Care, led by Peach Dale D. Esloyo, RGN, MAN, the Overall Program Director, and Abdulkarim Agga, Nurse Educator and Technical Director, the speaker, the panel of reactors, game master, the enthusiasm of the participants and the contestants, as well as the support and collaborative effort of Hamad-PNS; emphatically reiterating to “embrace our diverse differences and uniqueness towards a healthier mental state amidst adversities.” Altogether, the organizing team had truly achieved the goals of the event beyond expectations and, it was a delightfully and an intellectually engaging journey.